Peter Schiff on Bill Gates proposal to tax robots

– on Bill Gates comments on taxing robots: this is ridiculous; will the robot benefit in pensions or welfare?
– the idea that robots are a bad thing has always happened
– think about the inventions in Star Treck: the replicator; how many people did the replicator put out of work?

Our comments: It’s amazing how Bill just turned out so communist at an old age. While he was developing software and replacing all accountants or mathematicians and all other office workers with this tools, why wasn’t he proposing robots taxation back then? What’s different? Software “bots”  replaced and will replace a lot more people than autonomous cars.

Schiff’s comparison with the wheel is genial. Bill Gates simply has a blue screen in his reasoning to come with such idea. I mean, such an idea coming from some liberal politician would not be considered so outrageous since we would not expect them to be smart or market oriented. But Gates?!? He was supposed to be smart!

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